TV Commercial activity - UPPER STREET


This activity focuses on listening and word order.

Commercials use speech to describe a product or service, provide information or depict a situation intended to draw our attention to a product’s efficacy or appeal. They often use language in short, dynamic or humorous chunks. By scripting the content and jumbling the words students have to think about sentence structure, aided by their memory of what was said. This results in precise attention to the content as students become highly motivated to check their predictions against the spoken content.


  1. Choose a commercial and transcribe the spoken content.
  2. Jumble the sentences/phrases on a worksheet.
  3. Introduce the ad and watch it once. Elicit responses – was it funny/interesting/appealing? What was being sold? What/where was the setting?
  4. Give out the worksheet. Students work together trying to put the words in the correct order. If you think it appropriate, play the ad a second time after five minutes but without looking at the worksheet. Continue with the activity. Watch the commercial and check the answers.
  5. Alternatively, put the jumbled sentences on the board one by one and get the students in teams to work out the order. When a team thinks they have the correct order they call out. Check their answer. If it’s correct, they get two points, if it’s wrong, all the other teams get one point.

Obviously, the content will determine the language points you want to highlight. In the case of ‘Snapdragon’ I look at comparatives and the use of ‘way’ as a modifier and in/to prepositions. Students can also try reading the text with the ad on but the sound turned off.



This summer a dragon is coming

Come on you beast!

Stay together and we live

No, a slightly smaller dragon, tiny really

But faster, way faster, really.

And cuter, but not that cute.

A dragon that’s smarter, more advanced…

…can multi-task and doesn’t waste power.

This summer, a dragon is coming.

Not to a theatre,

Not to an enchanted little village.

Nope, this dragon is coming to your phone.

Well, technically, in your phone.

Make sure your next phone

Has the blockbuster speed and performance…

Hundreds of millions already love.

Make sure it has a snapdragon.

JUMBLED – the first word of each phrase is capitalized.

This / dragon / coming / a / is / summer

beast! / you / on / Come

we / and / together / live / Stay

No, / really / smaller / tiny / slightly / a / dragon

faster / faster / way / But / really

not / but / And / cuter / cute / that

dragon / A / more / that’s /advanced / smarter…

multi-task / power / and / can / waste / doesn’t

This / dragon / coming / a / is / summer

to / theatre / Not / a

an / to / village. / theatre / Not / little / enchanted

coming / this / Nope / phone / your / to / dragon / is

in / phone / technically / your / Well, /

your / Make / phone… / sure / next

speed / Has / performance / and / blockbuster / the /

millions / love / already / of / Hundreds

Snapdragon® / sure / Make / has / it

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