Monográfico de Literatura de Septiembre

“Off the beaten Track”

When we talk about ‘literature’ we tend to think of the major genres and formats – poetry, plays, the novel, short-stories being the most obvious. However, in addition to, and within these general categories, is a range of writing that does not fit easily into, or develop variations on these major text types.

In the September course we will be exploring some of these less travelled regions – enjoying their innovations and developments, and seeing them as part of a wider definition of literature.

There will be some short texts to read before each session as well as suggestions for further reading. I will also provide some ideas for any teachers interested in assessing how these texts could be used in the language or literature classroom.

Session 1

In No Sense Nonsense

Nonsense verse and writing, comedy, parody and satire.

Session 2

Child or Adult?

The evolution of children’s literature since the Victorian period.

 Session 3

Writing Nature

The traditions of English nature writing and its surprising modern variants.

 Sessions 4

More Things in Heaven and Earth.

Imagined worlds in writers such as Terry Pratchett, Ursula Le Guin, Neil Gaiman, China Mieville, Margaret Atwood and Susanna Clark.

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