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Multi-Word Verb Exercise

Match a verb from list A with a sentence from B that expresses the meaning of the verb.



  1. Get across
  2. Hand over
  3. Put through
  4. Look through
  5. Ask out
  6. Chew over
  7. Let down
  8. Jot down
  9. Break off
  10. Let in
  11. Put off
  12. Make up
  13. Take in
  14. Pick out
  15. Move around



  1. I will think carefully about what you told me before deciding what to do.
  2. Why don´t you invite her to go to the cinema if you like her so much?
  3. I find it hard to absorb and understand so much data.
  4. The minister was unable to communicate his policy effectively.
  5. I’ll just write your phone number on the back of this ticket.
  6. When I read the negative reviews going to see the film lost its appeal.
  7. I was relying on you to help me, when you didn’t, I was really disappointed.
  8. He invents such interesting stories!
  9. Come with me to the shop and help me choose a present for her.
  10. See if you can find your passport by searching for it in your suitcases
  11. Knock seven times on the door and they will permit you to enter.
  12. The engagement was terminated last week.
  13. I don’t like where those pictures are on the wall – I’ll put them in a different order.
  14. The little boy had to return the toy he had taken from the shop.
  15. When I phoned it took me ages to get connected to the complaints department.


1 – D

2 – N (note that the sense here is to return something you do not own or have obtained illegally)

3 – 0

4 – J

5 – B

6 – A

7 – G

8 – E

9 – L

10 – K

11 – F (note that this is a usually expressed as ‘being put off by something’ – ‘I wanted to buy the watch but the price put me off.

12 – H

13 – C

14 – I

15 – M